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WRDSMTH is an LA-based street artist who aspires to inspire others on a daily basis with colorful and well-chosen words crafted into indelible thoughts and phrases that he paints/pastes onto walls around the world.


Photo Credit: Patrick D. Macleod


From small, independent pieces to large-scale commissions, WRDSMTH's inspiring murals are found around the world


Before his street art career, WRDSMTH was a published author. He continues to produce long-form writing, both novels and screenplays.


From well-placed renegade

pieces to large-scale commissions, WRDSMTH's inspiring work can be found around the world.

In addition to the street art, WRDSMTH is a published author. He continues to produce long-form writing in several different mediums.

Are you a fan, fellow artist, business or collector? Feel free to ask WRDSMTH anything, anytime. He looks forward to hearing from you.

“LA-based street artist WRDSMTH is a modern day, spray can-wielding Robert Frost.”


—  HuffPost

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