WRDSMTH typewriter,  original hand cut stencil (framed, floated on white matte board, plexiglass).


dimensions (with frame): 21" x 23.5"


comes with certificate of authenticity.


I deisgned this version of the  WRDSMTH typewriter in December of 2013 and while it's been modified slightly over the years, this original design has definitely endured. I started cutting the typewriter in various sizes and this version was mainly used to create 11x14 canvases. 


This one-of-a-kind stencil was hand-cut by me in early 2016 and was (over)used by me for about a year-and-a-half.


WRDSMTH typewriter - hand-cut stencil + custom framed

  • This is a one of a kind hand-cut stencil which includes the accumulation of paint and tape over the years.  This stencil is floated above white matte board behind plexiglass.

    dimensions (with frame): 21" x 23.5"


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