'November/December 2013' original "WRDSMTH" typewriter stencil


signed, matted, and framed (no glass)


dimensions (with frame): 21.5" x 22"


comes with certificate of authenticity


Story Time: When I first began WRDSMTHing in late 2013, I didn't know what I was doing. I was learning daily, and part of that learning curve was discovering how to create and cut stencils. But if you know me, I can get impatient at times. That is a big part of the story behind this archaic-looking stencil. When I got the crazy notion to try my hand at street art, I was doing it for me, for fun, and as an active diversion from my stationary routine of sitting in front of the computer and writing all day, every day. 


As I devoured spraypainting and wheatpasting and stencil-making techniques, I also purchased a lot of the tools of the trade -- paint (crappy/dirt cheap stuff at first) and gloves and tape and glue. I also purchased this stencil! And this was the stencil I initially used for almost two months in the streets as I aspired to design and cut my own version of the typewriter.


Yep, it's true -- I began WRDSMTHing in 2013 with a store-bought stencil. While I cringe when I think about that today, again, I didn't know what I was doing back then. HOWEVER, I was doing it! And that's the lesson to be learned here. I got the crazy notion to try my hand at street art and part of the overnight affirmation that this creative act-of-defiance was in my blood and is my true calling, was venturing out into the streets that first night and those first weeks/months with this very unoriginal stencil.


I often comment in interviews that I feel like I was bitten by a radioactive can of spraypaint that first night of doing street art. It was a game-changer for me and I've never regretted for even a moment diving into that pool of unknown and painting/pasting my thoughts and feelings and observations onto walls in Los Angeles and Hollywood. I was so fckng excited to dive, I did it head-first with this stencil. And then while burning radioactive with the anticipation of more-more-more and bigger&better, I worked to design my own typewriter, revised it, printed it, and then began cutting it by hand. 


That's how WRDSMTH was born.


And you're looking at my before-I-could-even-walk-on-my-own birth certificate!

'November/December 2013' original "WRDSMTH" typewriter stencil (framed)

SKU: 1304
  • 'November/December 2013' original "WRDSMTH" typewriter stencil (framed -- no glass)

    dimensions (with frame): 21.5" x 22"

    comes with certificate of authenticity.

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