reclaimed wood


11.75" x 7.75"


laser printed, open edition


comes with signed certificate of authenticity


Only 1 artist proof available.


'This is my palette. A mere twenty-six deep, yet the possibilities are endless.' If there ever was a WRD that is/was a staple for WRDSMTH, it is this one. As a writer, these twenty-six letters allow me to entertain you all and have allowed me to inspire you for the last nine years with WRDs that motivate, with WRDs that are romantic, and WRDs that maybe have made you laugh. Forever limited to these twenty-six, yet the possibilities are infinite. Love that. And forever will.


This print also features my signatute font, along with the typewriter I designed nine years ago. 


It's all there, along with a brand new signature / logo on the back.


'palette' -- print on wood


    © 2018 by WRDSMTH.

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