stencil & spraypaint on canvas, hand-embellished, custom floating frame


certificate of authenticity


dimensions: 18.5" x 22.5" (with frame)


This original canvas dates back to late 2015. I held onto it for a long time beause I always loved the custom floating frame and the deep blue base color. Over the years, I have adopted blues more and more into my work and the roots of that exploration is tied to this peice. 


'blue elephants' was origianlly penned as a passage in my first novel, "The Holden Age of Hollywood." When I began WRDSMTHing in 2013, several thoughts and phrases and passages from the book were made into WRDs -- 'blue elephants' one of them. I think I wanted to test my audience to see if they'd read and accept a lengthy passgae. To my surprise 'blue elephnats' was embraced and, over the years, has become an iconic WRDSMTH piece. 

'blue elephants' original (floating frame)

SKU: 1308
  • 'blue elephants' stencil, spraypaint on canvas, custom floating frame

    dimensions: 18.5" x 22.5" (with frame)

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